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Commercial Refrigeration

Regular Maintenance Protects Inventory. Don’t take Chances with Your Inventory!

We will keep your commercial refrigeration working all year round. Equipment failure can result in lost inventory and hurt your bottom line. Routine maintenance on your coolers and freezers can extend the life of your refrigeration units and prevent equipment failure.

Thermal Control can maintain all of your existing commercial refrigeration needs, as well as install new equipment. We also provide air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical service for commercial buildings and light industrial.

We are currently managing services for:


• Restaurants

• Office buildings

• Golf Courses

• Country Clubs

• Medical facilities

• Multi-Residential complexes

• Schools & Colleges

• Convenience stores

• Hotels

• Bars

And more


We offer Commercial Refrigeration Installation and premium Maintenance Plans for all your commercial and industrial refrigeration needs:


• Expert installation for your Commercial Refrigeration equipment and Glycol Systems

• Provide a Premium Customized Maintenance Plan to ensure optimal equipment life and make sure your refrigeration equipment functions efficiently all year long

• Service and repair your Refrigeration equipment as needed


When it’s time to replace your existing equipment we will work with you to install state-of-the-art equipment and:


• Remove existing mechanical and electrical systems

• Assemble, install, and operate new commercial grade refrigeration evaporators, compressors, condensers, and pumps

• Dispose of HVAC refrigerant according to safety guidelines

• Fill refrigeration units with refrigerants and lubricants that conform to manufacturers’ specifications and meet temperature requirements

• Perform the welding, wiring, and placement of pipes, tubes, fittings, and meters as needed

• Calculate the refrigeration load and set the controls and pressure regulators that determine temperature, air circulation, and defrosting

• All work will be completed in accordance with federal and state regulations related to the disposal of hazardous waste, environmental protection, and safety.

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